Wednesday, 24 October 2007

overshadowment and total insanity

what the crappers??

i couldn't help but be in the upmost hysteria whilst looking upon this article from Clutter Mag blog

i mean seriously,how inhumane can one get?we take on the surreal and laugh but when it becomes a serious matter then we crap our pants.

later on...i should be converted to the Queen of Egypt.oh what a life long dream for me!
so i've been informed (by the help of Tahir://owner of the site UrbanRetro) that theres another exhibition going on in the Stolenspace studio,with the artist Obey,good grief.all theses constant art visits gonna drive me insane!i sub-consciously didn't know i took a snap of one of his pieces when i was down Brick Lane.lookie:

neat huh?well im looking at some of his other pieces and it does look quite amusing.i swear nowadays i got a thing to snap whatever different artists i can spot in and around the lovely city i live in.

ok so after a constant worry or too,mind u i haven't the case of alopia yet..i finally bought 2 dresses.for a good ol £37.80 on both! 1. the halloween costume (the portrayal of the most gracious queen of the Nile) and 2. my trademark little purple dress that i will fashion on my milestone being the magical 24(as oppose to the LBD which is a "must-have" for every girls wardrobe) both from some chain called Rare Fashion[pictures will be on display on the occasions i plan to wear them in!]i go for the latter and want to represent all thoses who support the colour purple.why purple???well why not?

its represents royalty.represents nobility and spirituality.and golly,what a coincidence,cleopatra even loved it!(i am not making this up!)

so i then made a pitstop to Carnaby Street and upon looking at the window, i saw a TokyoPlastic creation i.e.

Giant Geisha Octopus by TokyoPlastic

but also i spotted a Fafi piece...both £45.are they really worth that much?

and to of this second,i was browsing and came across another graff artist goes by the name of Copyright.

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