Thursday, 29 November 2007

its just one of thoses fly by days...

yup,i have been lacking on updates but after with all the fiasco,everything seems like a calm soothing breeze..ok so i've been busy with my dude..sue me!lol.

well ok theres not much to report but a few.i realised nowadays Islington is the up and coming place to be.maybe it would make a good investment to live round there..i'll ask the master¬lol.talking of which..i've officially made myself a member of Barrio North, which is a newly open bar just off Essex Rd in Angel.

it seems to have that vibe,the sort of chill out music along the lines of latino vibes and beats,and affordable food and drinks,and to add NON-ALCOHOLIC,just the way i like it!oh and the walls are full of graffiti with the opportunity of artist to do their own thing.Lastly,La Caravena..need i say more.this visit is sooo needed!

ok,forgot to mention..i somehow got abit starstruck..well ok to anyone they probably wouldn't give two shits but i sorta had a encounter with a graffiti artist,of whom i actually seen one of his pieces down Old Street.He goes by the name of Blam.i met him when i went to the Shelf Life exhibition 2 weeks ago.

isn't that cookie monster?i can't remember,the sesame street days seem long ago!

Santa's Ghetto:2007!its that time of year again,where a collab of the best street artists exhibit their recent pieces for the world to see and spectate.bloody heck,as usual,Banksy isn't gonna give away the location till the very night!6 days..

Lastly,i would solely just go to Bristol just so i can attend this event called 12 days of xmas!it features 40 of the world’s most loved & loathed contemporary urban artists starting on the 7th December.a day before the Secrets Wars/Don't Sleep Tour semi finals comes to London..

oh oh and check this,one of my favourite street artist Copyright has just released a brand new canvas,for £75..that would be so affordable and in range but shame £75 cannot be spent on a beauty like that!

man so much to go and is too chaotic!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

ey ey ey..we headed east way

crash bang wallop.what a terrible ending to a top i really enjoyed everything but just one little thing had to destroy that!

Battlejam was hectic..if you're into beatboxing,mc's and scratchin then it would had been such a big commotion coz everyone all stopped and stared.

firstly,i spotted a few graff pieces here and there,both from Eine...

theses were close enough to Cargo where BattleJam taken place..Beardyman and JFB (beatbox championship and the dj scratching champion)were leading the was too too good.the fact they interacted with the crowd and got the ball rolling!

theses were a few of the pics from the night ----> lookie

i would grab some of the vid clips but with the amount of space i have in my shacked up laptop,it won't do any justice.oh and my camera decides to scramble up on me afta it gets god.hopefully the manufacturer's warrenty will cover it.i am in so much debt as it is.i can't take this no more!

HACKNEY,i really hate you right now.the story is simple.parked car in single yellow at a very reserved street..enjoyed the event with my buds..come back,i go in hysterics to find out its been towed away!argh..i need to release this aggrevation and i got just the thing to do so.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

the arty circle....cutey buzyness

Shelf Life by HiCalorie and Sichi [Lefty opening night]

The night went tremendously well.whilst waiting for Mich,i was wondering round Brick Lane to see any new graff that may have been done.i swear im getting into the whole urban/street art scene alot.i can't seem to think of anything but graffiti or vinyl toys or anything thats art related.i have no clue how this art enthusiast streak in me started. if only a few years ago it was active whilst i was a "once before" illustrator.

So i did get to see Alex (HiCalorie) and Matt (Lunartik) in the end.i couldn't have this chance wasted before i left the gallery.Alex actually noticed me first and didnt realise who he was coz he did indeed look different in his fotos.saw the custom made Leftys done from a number of urban artist including Alex's and Matt's,along with few including Jeremyville, Julie west, Jeremiah Ketner, DGPH, Mike Burnett, Mr Jago etc. Also there were a few other people from the art world there,no matter where i went,there was someone who was from the industry so kept in touch and they gave me their business cards.

more fotos of the night can be found here:

i was glad to notice Matt Jones and he was such a decent dude.even Alex said that Gavin Strange knew of my existance.i guess being a enthusiast does have its advantages. I decided to buy the HiCalorie original Lefty.eventually i also got it signed and ALSO customised by the man himself. Tahir came down as well so it was good to see him.He gave me the pink Cardboy sneaker that i was so nice of him.what a good night it was.Mich also gave me a late birthday gift which i wasnt really expecting, She ended up giving me the London Street Art illustrator book.

so then i got home and realised my vinyl toy collection is slowly growing....

Pink Cardboy Sneaker Series 1

All marked up and customised personally from Alex aka HiCalorie

Proud owner of my very own Lefty!yay!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

a hustle bustle of a week it will be

after the celebration of my 24th,everything is settled down normally.well so much to look forward to,im pretty excited about this week, here's why:

- i get to meet 3 of my favourite new graff/illustrator artist tomorrow in the Shelf Life/DIY Calamari opening. thinking whether i should just purchase the normal Lefty or one of the custom made ones from JamFactory,Lunartik or HiCalorie. i guess i gotta see which one tickles my fancy the most. i pretty much looking forward to this and hopefully capture a foto or 2 with all of them. Tahir should be making an appearance to, seeing as i didn't get the opportunity to in the Obey exhibition,which i still haven't been to yet

talking of which i may go to the Obey/Seen exhibitions this week before they end in the very end of the month.i have been meaning to go but theres always some disruptions.

- Theres a new exhibition happening down Lazarides Gallery [16 November – 29 November 2007] with some dude called Zevs. The sort of art that will be up are Liquidated Logos which are a series of screenprints of famous logos.looks interesting but is it anything different?

"apparently this French street artist Zevs was an early and influential graffiti artist and is among the prominent figures who pioneered the French street art scene"

- friday,battlejam is commencing.still wondering whether i will attend this or not.might be good.i guess it will be good esp with the beatboxing.Cargo seems to be a good spot and a big part of the hip hop underground london scene.

and lastly in the weekend, the Kulture2Couture event has arrived.this will be the first time i actually went into a fashion show.all theses up and coming designers making it big.should be a good experience.

life at 24 seems to be treatin me fair so far!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

not even a relevant post but i turned 24,thats all to report..

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

coundown to the 24!im feeling merrily festive!

oh my!i wouldn't think it come to this,in my mid 20's!i mean i should be doing something middle agey like managing my finanes,buying a mortgage..but hell no,im still the student,broke as ever....spending like i should!

oh its my 24th on thursday.i rarely cannot wait!

so i couldn't really wait,im sorta impatient like that.i had to open the package that Lunartik made for me.and what a surprise i did get.i loved it.all signed,officialised and all mine.heres what he gave me.

he deserves a well round hug when i see him in the Shelf Life Exhibition!