Tuesday, 26 February 2008

deliriously cirqued

omg,Cirque du Soleil take 2!This time its called Delirium.i didn't believe babes at first about the fact that o2 arena will show it!well this time its all about sights and sounds.it was abit too exceedingly expensive but i guess its a fairplay seeing he paid for Varakai...FRONT ROW seats and all..still got it!

"DELIRIUM is the quest for balance in a world that is increasingly out of sync with reality. It pushes the limit of arena performance through technical magnitude, human introspection and creative prowess. DELIRIUM turns music into motion."

Saturday, 16 February 2008


when it comes to cinema.i prefer it independent,if not from the world,and if not world cinema the plot has to be well original.recently i watched Cloverfield.what made the film work was it made me abit bedazzled by what was going it.it didn't really make sense but then it unravelled the plot like a quarter of the way in the end!

anyways..i was just browsing and saw a trailer for a new french film with Audrey Tautou (of Amelie and The DaVinci Code fame),who bears a weird resemblance to Hepburn who carries the same first name.wow how coincidence.anyways as i have the love of watching films from other cultures,it struck my interest to go and see it when it DECIDES to come out in the UK,if ever.im not a big fan of Hollywood film.i even prefer the British films.in fact every british film i ever watched never failed to please!even some of my favourite films are british made!its because they have a realism in how they film.i mean even 28 days later seems believable!so anyways Tautou stars in her new film called "Priceless",which again going with the relevance of Hepburn,it remakes the film Breakfast at Tiffani's.well personally i think every film Tautou been in that i've seen,she's just a delight to see on screen.Amelie was just so weird but wonderfully produced!i love thoses magically don't make absolutely no sense films!

more international films breakthroughs i say!

a night in with Lily

yesterday me and the girls went to Pinewood Studios to be part of the audience for Lily Allen's new show "Lily Allen and Friends". Being that im a virgin going behind the scene of a show it was an experience. We got to see the production of the show and the mishaps.the whole show lasted for nearly 3 hrs.can u believe that?and for what a show that shows 1 hr's footage.i can't wait to see the outcome.they did full close up shots of the audience so i'm intrigued to know the outcome.The guests who were appearing in the show were Martin Freeman (from The Office and Love Actually), Lee Mack (some comedian i've seen before but not really know much of) and Adele who sings that the "Chasing Pavements" song that i adore so much,oh and some other random twosome who dressed up as 2 gay dudes singing Mika's Grace Kelly song.i can't wait to watch it on Tuesday at 10:30pm on BBC3.so watch it if u can and try to spot me!lol.ahh its so funny to see Lily again.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

notts landing

my and babe did the extraordinary and got out of London for abit!woofrikinwoo!

i just love getting out once in a while which is abit contridictory really.it must be because im so use to staying home but i get homesick easily too!last minute plannages,me and babes went to Nottingham so that he could compete for the Nottingham heat of the Beatboxing Championships...ahhh!

it was a proper road trip and all,and it felt nice..getting away from everything that familiarises ourselves from home.he got insured in my car so now he can drive it within a week.as if i'd let him!it was a shame we didn't get to look around especially when we arrived there at night and all.we had the incredibly clever TomTom with us so we didn't get lost.talking of sat.nav's..im so up for getting one.not only that,i have a taste for just travelling to other cities be it on foot(yeah right!),plane or car.no ferries!!unless it last for an hour or 2!

ah it was quite sweet.the formidable g/f supporting her man!i was the groupie for the night.he is amazing to hear beatboxing but man the competition and the biasing was terrible.it was interesting to see other beatboxers but heck all for the experience!mankz got pissed off he got boo'd...ahh that must suck!anywhos cannot wait for the next trip out.where shall we go next?