Saturday, 27 October 2007

oh yes...wait a minute mr postman!

wohoo!now thats what i call express lunartik piece of hunk-a-junk (which clearly isn't what it is) has arrived.

although i'm not going to reveal whats inside till my birthday comes.come on 8th november!i sense this will be my best birthday to date!still waiting for Jawa's.

just realised when i went to ArtoftheState's blog,that i taken another "Obey" piece,which they put up on the same night i went to the exhibition last monday,not the best shot but what can ya do?it was nightime,cricks!

so today i woke up and realised my dream had a whole french element to it.i thought where the fuck has this come from?why was i thinking paris?don't get me wrong.i love paris and one would love to endure the whole culture.maybe on my way i will be able to spot a few of Fafi's work out and about if i'm lucky.i'd love to purchase her up 2 date [est.2004 =P]illustration book

i watched Stardust with bf had such a nice fairy tale likeness to it.the characters.the fantasy.the effects.loved's a must starting to get into the whole fantasy film thing.

Go check out this argentine street artist: PumPum..//. her work looks decent!

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