Tuesday, 23 October 2007

don't ya think it makes you wanna go old skool...?

i was casually browsing online,trying to find out an extra bit on the artist that were exhibited yesterday.so i went thru one by one..i typed in "HiCalorie" and here i came across a pair of pimp ass adidas'.i heart my adidas!

Adidas Originals 'Boy-Girl' Decade Hi

fair enough,there a limited collectable and for a phat £130,is it worth it?i want em,i crave for em.i want them officially signed!

talking of official signage?i began having a one on one msg with Nils aka Jawa( another Sneaky Critters artist!) on my facebook asking to give me an official certified piece of his artwork along with a little personal msg to me.just as well my birthday comes early =)!jokess....i swear down i need to tell him its my milestone of 24 in 16 days!

which brings me to my next subject.whilst seeing David Shrigley's bonafide talk last week in Curzon Cinema,i cheekily asked him to draw a quick but similar characature of me!so he drew me and i guess i was expecting way too much but fuk it,he did a character,a Shrigley original!sign by him 2!now i just need to get JonT to send over the evidence (with the Shrig behind me posing with the poster!)

in other news: i cannot believe the character on the Mark Ronson "Oh my God" music video featuring my fave artist Lily Allen as a inpretatation of a Jessica Rabbit-que was created by my favourite graff artist Fafi (la bella!!!!).collaborating Lily and Fafi,who would had thought it would be possible?Go watch!

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