Sunday, 20 April 2008

delirium magnifique

me and babes had such a magical and when i say magical it was going against our wildest dreams watching the new Cirque du Soleil - Delirium in the o2 arena.when you ever get the time to see one of the performance,you got to picture yourself going through a dream,its not for us to understand but to just let our imagination free.its just too much to take in. i loved the visuals displays,the flying mermaid,the tabla drummers,the rock band,The acts were amazing from a hoolahoop girl to 4 very muscular pyramid guys to the dude who was just balancing in some stilts,then you got the woman who was raised up above and her dress made into a big marquee.i pretty much loved it all.the front row seats were a diamond.let the pictures do the talking:

and then you have the new cirque: Quidam for next year...
and on other news: