Monday, 29 October 2007

it's a beautiful mornin,oh what a wonderful day?

im still blerry eyed since waking up 45 minutes ago!clocks went back yesterday so now it gets all prodominently darker!jeez..wait thats a good thing but not the bit where we're our very own snowman!

ok so i was stupid yesterday to go spend £60 worth on shoes,accessories,make up and a top.i'm doing again!anyways enough about my ramblings on my excessive more week till reading week [it sorta a half term for us uni losers!].

i've got an idea what i wanna be doing,apart from the essay i have to do! the next few weeks or so,theres going to be the Obey exhibition held in Stolenspace,which starts this friday in fact.2 visits in the same gallery!there's Throwdown next thursday (my birthday), BattleJam on 16th November and Kulture2Couture on 17th in the V&A,so i'm pretty much busy from this point on.

oh my god,and what have i been up to all this weekend?well i have discovered more and more graff/illustrating artist in and around the net!another one to add to your collection is Killygrind. i find french artist have a certain "je ne se quai" about them.

HiCalorie have a new Glow in the Dark Octopi Lefty vinyl toy coming out on the 15th Nov available signed,in the adFunture Guerilla Store which is below where the Bodhi Gallery is situated! i have to get my hands on em!way too cute!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

oh yes...wait a minute mr postman!

wohoo!now thats what i call express lunartik piece of hunk-a-junk (which clearly isn't what it is) has arrived.

although i'm not going to reveal whats inside till my birthday comes.come on 8th november!i sense this will be my best birthday to date!still waiting for Jawa's.

just realised when i went to ArtoftheState's blog,that i taken another "Obey" piece,which they put up on the same night i went to the exhibition last monday,not the best shot but what can ya do?it was nightime,cricks!

so today i woke up and realised my dream had a whole french element to it.i thought where the fuck has this come from?why was i thinking paris?don't get me wrong.i love paris and one would love to endure the whole culture.maybe on my way i will be able to spot a few of Fafi's work out and about if i'm lucky.i'd love to purchase her up 2 date [est.2004 =P]illustration book

i watched Stardust with bf had such a nice fairy tale likeness to it.the characters.the fantasy.the effects.loved's a must starting to get into the whole fantasy film thing.

Go check out this argentine street artist: PumPum..//. her work looks decent!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

urban art collector extrodinaireo!

o my frikkin gosh!

i'm the happiest ditz today.i got not only Jawa to send me a birthday gift but also "from scratch" a Lunartik original piece made for me personally!apparently it will be similar to the "Free the Beast" piece that i looked at before.woop bloody woop!!

talking of which.i saw the Bart Terminator [B-800 Custom] Qee he did which was displayed in Forbidden Planet along with other Barts.

i've made such a hobby of it,i think i'm gonna be an art collector!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

overshadowment and total insanity

what the crappers??

i couldn't help but be in the upmost hysteria whilst looking upon this article from Clutter Mag blog

i mean seriously,how inhumane can one get?we take on the surreal and laugh but when it becomes a serious matter then we crap our pants.

later on...i should be converted to the Queen of Egypt.oh what a life long dream for me!
so i've been informed (by the help of Tahir://owner of the site UrbanRetro) that theres another exhibition going on in the Stolenspace studio,with the artist Obey,good grief.all theses constant art visits gonna drive me insane!i sub-consciously didn't know i took a snap of one of his pieces when i was down Brick Lane.lookie:

neat huh?well im looking at some of his other pieces and it does look quite amusing.i swear nowadays i got a thing to snap whatever different artists i can spot in and around the lovely city i live in.

ok so after a constant worry or too,mind u i haven't the case of alopia yet..i finally bought 2 dresses.for a good ol £37.80 on both! 1. the halloween costume (the portrayal of the most gracious queen of the Nile) and 2. my trademark little purple dress that i will fashion on my milestone being the magical 24(as oppose to the LBD which is a "must-have" for every girls wardrobe) both from some chain called Rare Fashion[pictures will be on display on the occasions i plan to wear them in!]i go for the latter and want to represent all thoses who support the colour purple.why purple???well why not?

its represents royalty.represents nobility and spirituality.and golly,what a coincidence,cleopatra even loved it!(i am not making this up!)

so i then made a pitstop to Carnaby Street and upon looking at the window, i saw a TokyoPlastic creation i.e.

Giant Geisha Octopus by TokyoPlastic

but also i spotted a Fafi piece...both £45.are they really worth that much?

and to of this second,i was browsing and came across another graff artist goes by the name of Copyright.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

don't ya think it makes you wanna go old skool...?

i was casually browsing online,trying to find out an extra bit on the artist that were exhibited i went thru one by one..i typed in "HiCalorie" and here i came across a pair of pimp ass adidas'.i heart my adidas!

Adidas Originals 'Boy-Girl' Decade Hi

fair enough,there a limited collectable and for a phat £130,is it worth it?i want em,i crave for em.i want them officially signed!

talking of official signage?i began having a one on one msg with Nils aka Jawa( another Sneaky Critters artist!) on my facebook asking to give me an official certified piece of his artwork along with a little personal msg to me.just as well my birthday comes early =)!jokess....i swear down i need to tell him its my milestone of 24 in 16 days!

which brings me to my next subject.whilst seeing David Shrigley's bonafide talk last week in Curzon Cinema,i cheekily asked him to draw a quick but similar characature of me!so he drew me and i guess i was expecting way too much but fuk it,he did a character,a Shrigley original!sign by him 2!now i just need to get JonT to send over the evidence (with the Shrig behind me posing with the poster!)

in other news: i cannot believe the character on the Mark Ronson "Oh my God" music video featuring my fave artist Lily Allen as a inpretatation of a Jessica Rabbit-que was created by my favourite graff artist Fafi (la bella!!!!).collaborating Lily and Fafi,who would had thought it would be possible?Go watch!

another sad blogger...again i create

i tell myself i'm back again,creating a brand new blog.the amount i have are endless.apart from rambling on about my love life in my other blogspot page,i thought to do up a new one but more on the whereabouts and the hotspots i have stepped across in London (and possibly outside/abroad when the time comes).so this is more like a where have i been,what i've purchased recently,where the best funky places i have visited or i suggest to go whether its in a gallery or a place to be seen (but also i have added some personal context just so i can get a feel that this is about me!).my inspiration to start this was my visit to Brick Lane.

me and the bf visited the Bodhi Gallery down Brick Lane. The event? Sneaky Critters..(and FakePlasticLove) Exhibitions.

This link provides a review of yesterday's event (taken from my fave up2date blogsite:

i love observing other artists work!the rest of the pics can be seen in my facebook.Brick Lane is full of innovative art.From someone drawing in ink a beetle on a wall to sticking a knife as a much genius can u get?

next stop...StolenSpace.whos to be seen?Seen!!LOL

me and the b/f...on the way home.hand in hand.intertwined.locking love?