Tuesday, 23 October 2007

another sad blogger...again i create

i tell myself i'm back again,creating a brand new blog.the amount i have are endless.apart from rambling on about my love life in my other blogspot page,i thought to do up a new one but more on the whereabouts and the hotspots i have stepped across in London (and possibly outside/abroad when the time comes).so this is more like a where have i been,what i've purchased recently,where the best funky places i have visited or i suggest to go whether its in a gallery or a place to be seen (but also i have added some personal context just so i can get a feel that this is about me!).my inspiration to start this was my visit to Brick Lane.

me and the bf visited the Bodhi Gallery down Brick Lane. The event? Sneaky Critters..(and FakePlasticLove) Exhibitions.

This link provides a review of yesterday's event (taken from my fave up2date blogsite: http://www.urbanretrolifestyle.com/2007/10/22/seen-sneaky-critters-show-at-bodhi-gallery/

i love observing other artists work!the rest of the pics can be seen in my facebook.Brick Lane is full of innovative art.From someone drawing in ink a beetle on a wall to sticking a knife as a handle.how much genius can u get?

next stop...StolenSpace.whos to be seen?Seen!!LOL

me and the b/f...on the way home.hand in hand.intertwined.locking hands.in love?

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