Saturday, 9 February 2008

notts landing

my and babe did the extraordinary and got out of London for abit!woofrikinwoo!

i just love getting out once in a while which is abit contridictory must be because im so use to staying home but i get homesick easily too!last minute plannages,me and babes went to Nottingham so that he could compete for the Nottingham heat of the Beatboxing Championships...ahhh!

it was a proper road trip and all,and it felt nice..getting away from everything that familiarises ourselves from home.he got insured in my car so now he can drive it within a if i'd let him!it was a shame we didn't get to look around especially when we arrived there at night and all.we had the incredibly clever TomTom with us so we didn't get lost.talking of sat.nav' so up for getting one.not only that,i have a taste for just travelling to other cities be it on foot(yeah right!),plane or ferries!!unless it last for an hour or 2!

ah it was quite sweet.the formidable g/f supporting her man!i was the groupie for the night.he is amazing to hear beatboxing but man the competition and the biasing was was interesting to see other beatboxers but heck all for the experience!mankz got pissed off he got boo'd...ahh that must suck!anywhos cannot wait for the next trip out.where shall we go next?

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