Saturday, 16 February 2008

a night in with Lily

yesterday me and the girls went to Pinewood Studios to be part of the audience for Lily Allen's new show "Lily Allen and Friends". Being that im a virgin going behind the scene of a show it was an experience. We got to see the production of the show and the mishaps.the whole show lasted for nearly 3 hrs.can u believe that?and for what a show that shows 1 hr's footage.i can't wait to see the outcome.they did full close up shots of the audience so i'm intrigued to know the outcome.The guests who were appearing in the show were Martin Freeman (from The Office and Love Actually), Lee Mack (some comedian i've seen before but not really know much of) and Adele who sings that the "Chasing Pavements" song that i adore so much,oh and some other random twosome who dressed up as 2 gay dudes singing Mika's Grace Kelly song.i can't wait to watch it on Tuesday at 10:30pm on watch it if u can and try to spot me!lol.ahh its so funny to see Lily again.

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