Saturday, 16 February 2008


when it comes to cinema.i prefer it independent,if not from the world,and if not world cinema the plot has to be well original.recently i watched Cloverfield.what made the film work was it made me abit bedazzled by what was going didn't really make sense but then it unravelled the plot like a quarter of the way in the end!

anyways..i was just browsing and saw a trailer for a new french film with Audrey Tautou (of Amelie and The DaVinci Code fame),who bears a weird resemblance to Hepburn who carries the same first how coincidence.anyways as i have the love of watching films from other cultures,it struck my interest to go and see it when it DECIDES to come out in the UK,if not a big fan of Hollywood film.i even prefer the British fact every british film i ever watched never failed to please!even some of my favourite films are british made!its because they have a realism in how they film.i mean even 28 days later seems believable!so anyways Tautou stars in her new film called "Priceless",which again going with the relevance of Hepburn,it remakes the film Breakfast at Tiffani's.well personally i think every film Tautou been in that i've seen,she's just a delight to see on screen.Amelie was just so weird but wonderfully produced!i love thoses magically don't make absolutely no sense films!

more international films breakthroughs i say!

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