Wednesday, 14 November 2007

a hustle bustle of a week it will be

after the celebration of my 24th,everything is settled down normally.well so much to look forward to,im pretty excited about this week, here's why:

- i get to meet 3 of my favourite new graff/illustrator artist tomorrow in the Shelf Life/DIY Calamari opening. thinking whether i should just purchase the normal Lefty or one of the custom made ones from JamFactory,Lunartik or HiCalorie. i guess i gotta see which one tickles my fancy the most. i pretty much looking forward to this and hopefully capture a foto or 2 with all of them. Tahir should be making an appearance to, seeing as i didn't get the opportunity to in the Obey exhibition,which i still haven't been to yet

talking of which i may go to the Obey/Seen exhibitions this week before they end in the very end of the month.i have been meaning to go but theres always some disruptions.

- Theres a new exhibition happening down Lazarides Gallery [16 November – 29 November 2007] with some dude called Zevs. The sort of art that will be up are Liquidated Logos which are a series of screenprints of famous logos.looks interesting but is it anything different?

"apparently this French street artist Zevs was an early and influential graffiti artist and is among the prominent figures who pioneered the French street art scene"

- friday,battlejam is commencing.still wondering whether i will attend this or not.might be good.i guess it will be good esp with the beatboxing.Cargo seems to be a good spot and a big part of the hip hop underground london scene.

and lastly in the weekend, the Kulture2Couture event has arrived.this will be the first time i actually went into a fashion show.all theses up and coming designers making it big.should be a good experience.

life at 24 seems to be treatin me fair so far!

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