Saturday, 17 November 2007

ey ey ey..we headed east way

crash bang wallop.what a terrible ending to a top i really enjoyed everything but just one little thing had to destroy that!

Battlejam was hectic..if you're into beatboxing,mc's and scratchin then it would had been such a big commotion coz everyone all stopped and stared.

firstly,i spotted a few graff pieces here and there,both from Eine...

theses were close enough to Cargo where BattleJam taken place..Beardyman and JFB (beatbox championship and the dj scratching champion)were leading the was too too good.the fact they interacted with the crowd and got the ball rolling!

theses were a few of the pics from the night ----> lookie

i would grab some of the vid clips but with the amount of space i have in my shacked up laptop,it won't do any justice.oh and my camera decides to scramble up on me afta it gets god.hopefully the manufacturer's warrenty will cover it.i am in so much debt as it is.i can't take this no more!

HACKNEY,i really hate you right now.the story is simple.parked car in single yellow at a very reserved street..enjoyed the event with my buds..come back,i go in hysterics to find out its been towed away!argh..i need to release this aggrevation and i got just the thing to do so.

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