Wednesday, 21 May 2008

eastern delight pick 'n' mix

so i made my second attempt in going to the flea market sale by Brick Lane held for 2 weeks and now i have my 3rd bag full of vintageness....{pictures of me wearing them will be shown later}..

i've come to terms that i'm in a phase...trying to experience new sights and scenes..bored of the old and in with the occured to me i'm currently not content with how my lifestyle is like now so i'm trying to change that.

whilst in the Brick Lane area, i manage to catch two graffiti artist, a bunch of frenchies who pasted their segments and the other who was drawing his design against the wall.i recognised the artist.happened to be one who's work i recognised so it was quite starstrucking for me as i'm into the whole scene and all and because i've never seen a graffiti artist actually attempt to create his/her work in front of my very eyes.His name is Conor here he is on a crane tryna complete his graff:

hopefully when i go back there next which probably is next week it would had been complete.Copyright's exhibition will be on in the Brick Lane Gallery between Thursday 29th May to Sunday 1st June.

i think me and bubz will be checking out 'The Cans festival' underneath one of the bridges by Waterloo station,that is if it hasn't been cleared by the council!!

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