Friday, 25 January 2008

some cackles and breaks...

oh mi gosh.watching Comedy Live presents with Russell Brand presenting is just fantabolously hilarious and spazzingly funny.what a way to have easy laughs at the comfort of your own home.shame its a one off.more comedy stand ups purlease! ah Russell Brand is the bees knees and i would so love to watch him live stand up. in fact i would love to go to the Comedy Store again, i remember back in the day i sat down in the club and being in the front row wasn't the brightest idea,you get to be the ass of all jokes by the comedian.everything is so much better when its live and in front of you instead of seeing it through the tv.

anyways,i've been invited to a breakdancing event happening next month in King's College.its called Breakin' Boundaries so thats going to be fun,since the last time in Breakdancing championships last year.

with Valentines Day around the corner,i'm still trying to conjure up a few ideas on what to do/give the other half.i know i know,its another day but heck,only for the best ey ;)!!!other than that,i'm looking forward to just having a full frenzy night out of dancing and drinking and laughs with a few other couples.Havana here we come!

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