Wednesday, 5 December 2007

tis the season to be a la la la la la la la

i don't know if its because its the festive season but i've been looking at a few shopping websites and i got to say i'm loving American Apparel & Lazy Oaf, both which are located in Carnaby St! droolage for the time and effort they made theses truly 'dashing' selection of clothes and stuff!

heres a few what i want,RIGHT NOW...i wonder if the bf will be generous this year

truly scrumptious....

or and then Lazy Oaf held me to droolage by letting me see theses little gems:

click...ah snap*!

all sweet like candy and ice cream

rain fallin down my blimmin ead

a taste of the apple and i bite

but then i saw this and i thought i got to have it, especially if i wanted to get whats left of my creative streak.Plimpsolls has a new meaning,i rename them 'PIMPSOLES'

oH and theres this other exhibition on,as i received my daily suscription of UJ. It's called alterNATIVITY,an array collection of street artists showing off a display of their new pieces.

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